Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Turning of a new leaf...

Well, my dear friends, I have spent a week in Farmington NM. In all honesty, I miss Provo. But, I think that is natural; Provo, the people I met, jobs I held, and the friends I made will always be apart of me. I couldn't have made it with out them.

Farmington is good, I am taking what I have learned in Provo and applying them here. It's fun. I have already made a handful of friends and am still meeting more people. I love it. It has definitely been a hard transition and while I am still adjusting I think I will find my place here as I did in Provo. I just wish I could take all of friends with me.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

"A Dive Into The Deep End of My Head..."

Late last night I decided to go for a walk, knowing that if I tried going to bed I wouldn’t be able to sleep. While I was walking I thought about my life and all of the things that are happening to me at this time. It never ceases to amaze me how much the Lord has blessed me. I can’t believe that he cares so much for me to bless me with the things I have. I almost don’t feel worthy to have these blessings.

I recently went to NM to visit my family, particularly my dad for Father’s Day. While I was telling my mom about my life and how I am afraid of the things that are going to happen in my life, mostly because I don’t think I could handle it. My mom pointed out to me that I don’t believe in myself. I quickly retorted, “Whatever, you don’t know me.” And then I changed the subject. I thought about what my mother said, even though I hated being forced to see the truth. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s true. I don’t believe in myself. I am afraid of attempting something and then failing. I am afraid of setting myself up for humiliation. Most of all I fear I will let myself, family, friends, and my Heavenly Father down. I couldn’t bear to be a disappointment to those I love the most.

It didn’t make sense, I thought I was actually gaining self confidence in myself, but if I truly was confident in myself I should and would in fact believe in myself. I was discussing my thoughts and what my mother said to my good friend De. She pointed out that I seem to rely on building my self-esteem on what others think of me. Taken back at yet another criticism, I thought about it. Once I know that people like me and accept me I then feel confident about myself. When I don’t know what one is thinking of me I notice I am more self-conscious and, well... wary of myself, my behavior and what not.

On my walk I decided that I was going to consciously change my attitude about myself. I am going to start believing in me. I need to stop caring what other people think of me and just be happy with the person I am, because when all is said and done, I am who I am whether or not people accept me. I am smart, fun, out going, open minded, and a good person, who has everyone’s interest at heart. It seems to me that I am the only one who is not accepting of myself. There's some irony for you. I so badly want people to accept me but I don’t even like myself. Funny.

It’s not going to be easy but I know I can do this. I have to do it. I am not giving myself an option. I am going to be confident and believe in myself. I am afraid of the potential I might have, but I know I can do this. I am not alone and I love life. Besides, my mom does know me very well, and I am glad we have the kind of relationship were I can talk to her about anything.

Until next time,


Wednesday, May 03, 2006


So I have three jobs. Three jobs. I am crazy. What was I thinking?

I originally had two jobs. Head start. And the library. I loved them. I still love them. Now I have a third job working at a clothing store in the mall. It's fun, and the people I work with are freaking awesome. I kind of like having a busy schedule and I like the cash flow that is coming in. Working three jobs is not by all means an easy task.
I am sooo tired, I can't even see straight. I have hardly anytime to hang out with my friends. When I do have time I'm usually too tired to hang out. Even when I make myself have the energy to play with my friends I just sit there and wish I could be a sleep.

One of the worst feelings I hate experiencing is feeling left out. That is how I feel right now. Now, trust me, it's not my friends fault. They try to evolve me in the things they do and I am always receiving invitations to do things with them. It’s like… it’s like, being a little kid stuck inside the house doing homework while all other children are out having a good time at the park.

I never realized exactly how much I love being around people. You know, people I love and who I enjoy being around. I have such amazing friends. But, what if eventually they quit calling me to invite me to do thing with them; all because I have no time to spend with them. And when I do make time, I am this… Wiggle, with lack of sleep (which can be humorous and entertaining at times but mostly just weird and strange).

Well, a least I will have all the money I will ever need (BARF). That is the most depressing thing in the world.

Looking on the brighter side of things, at least I won’t always have 3 jobs. Head start will be out May 18th. I will just go back to having two jobs which is a lot more manageable.

It is not in me to be so depressed. I am usually a cheerful person, which is one of the reasons people like to be around me. I think most of it is sleepiness. Even though I really do hope my friend won’t give up on me.

Until then think happy thoughts.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

These Apples are Delicious

The Classic “give your teacher an apple” was applied to me the other day. One of my kiddos gave me a red apple. I was so happy. What an appropriate gift to give a teacher. I say that only because it is in all the books, and movies.

Why is it appropriate to give a teacher an apple? Is it because there use to be a lot more apple trees back in the day? Or perhaps, an apple is in fact a smart fruit, and therefore it would make perfect sense to give a teacher such a gift. But, saying a fruit is smart would imply that it had a mind of its own, and that is just silly. Or is it? You know there are people who believe that apples are living things with feelings. And if a teacher believed that was true would she think that gift was wrong because the fruit was pick off its home and life source and now will eventually die? Or be delighted and keep the apple as a pet? I wonder if that is where the phrase “teacher’s pet” came from.

Maybe it is just because it has something to do with what teachers teach, “Apple starts with the letter A”. If that is the reason to give a teacher an apple I am okay with that. Can you imagine though if the teachers back then said “Avocado starts with the letter A” or “Alcohol”? What a funny thought! Picture a little kid bring the teacher a bottle of Jack Daniels to school. That is so wrong.

If children brought there teacher a nut that could have make the connection to the phrase “in a nutshell”. It’s like saying, “Thanks for filling our nuts with knowledge.” (Nut meaning head of course, you sicko!) Umm… yeah… I am stopping there.

The point of this post is that I received an apple the other day and I am grateful for that. Even though I don’t quit understand the whole “give your teacher an apple” thing. It was a nice gesture and I felt loved. The End

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Girls night

We were trying to put our make up in the worst possible way. When were done, we realized that we looked like we were in the eighties, so we went with it. We blasted Girls Just want to have Fun, and took pictures.

Good times. I love my roommates. Lindsay and DeAnne are so much fun! We are going on a Cruise this August to the Carribbean and we are so excited!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

What if this was the last thing you did?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Valerie- "The chocolate coating makes it go down easier."

href="http://paradox.of.arden.tripod.com/quiz/princess/index.html" target="new">Valerie

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Approximately one year ago I started this blog. I would like to thank everyone who has made it possible for my blog to be alive during this very special time of year. The time of year we celebrate the holidays and the birth and life of this blog. If it wasn’t for you it would not be what it is today. You have spiced it up with your comments and advice. I plan on continuing this blog and making it an interesting read for my fellow friends.

I decided to change my background. I would love your opinion.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Here is a poem I wrote when I was in High School for a poetry assignment. It's kind of sad to admit that this is one of my best. Oh well, it's not like I am going to become a professional poet or anything.


Anytime you look about
Time is running out
People rushing to and fro
Time is fast and time is slow
Do your Homework! Do you Chores!
Time is running out your doors!
Hurry! Hurry! Faster! Faster!
Time can almost be your master
I must go slow
I do not always have to go.
I sit, I rest, I spectulate,
Oh my goodness I'll be late
Rushing, rushing like a fool!
Learn to organize your time,
Rushing, rushing is a CRIME!


Friday, October 28, 2005

I'll Let You Slide This Time

Dear Jokey Smurf,

Now, now Jokey Smurf, you know very well that it isn’t polite to hack onto someone else’s blog and rise amuck. I had a talk with Papa Smurf and he says you have gotten out of control lately with your pranks. He quite frankly put in so many words, “Jokey is being a royal pain the smurf, and I am sick of him and his pranks!” I realize that Papa Smurf must be under a lot of stress with all of the complaints and that are coming from the others Smurfs about your concoctions of gift-wrapped boxes that explode in their faces.

Just the other day you sent a package to Smurfett with a note saying: “To Smurfett. From your Smurfiest Secret Admirer.” Smurfett was flattered to have gotten such a present that when she opened it instead of getting a lovely gift she received an exploding one. Heartbroken, distraught and after having it up to here with the endless stream of jokes you do, she complained once again to Papa Smurf.

All of the Smurfs are in uproar about your wild behavior and demands that Papa Smurf needs do something about this soon. Probably the only smurf that doesn't care is Slouchy Smurf and he's not even sticking up for you. Unfortunately, I had no idea you were this out of control so when I saw Papa Smurf’s livid reaction, I was shocked. He threatened to send you straight to Gargamel. Brainy thought Papa Smurf's idea was a wonderful one and was coming up with a list of ideas to get you into the arms of Gargamel.

After talking with Papa Smurf and helping him realize that giving you to Gargamel was a little too harsh of punishment (because let’s face it you keep the other Smurf’s on their toes). He decided that a warning this time will be suitable. But the next time you get out of control he won’t be so generous. So if I were you I would lie low for a bit, until everyone has time to cool down. So ye are warned. Don’t mess with me or you’ll get it.



Thursday, October 27, 2005


I just want to say that Smurf is the coolest person in the world and he is so good at Scrabble and anyone who is so lucky and that's such a great treat for them. And also that he is handsome and a good dresser and a clever boy and a terrific writer and everybody wants to be around him. Oh, that I were half as awesome as Smurf. I think he deserves a candy bar from everybody who reads this.

Hehe and I also want to say that Wiggle should not leave her blog page open when Jokey Smurf is around. Hyuck hyuck!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sounds Familiar

I found this poem in a book I was shelving today at the library. When I read it I laughed because this is exactly something that would happen to me.

A Million Miles from Tallahassee

I was so sure

I knew the capital of Florida

I almost threw my elbow out of joint

waving my hand

in front of Mr. Miller’s face.

When he called on me

I jumped up and said,


I thought they’d never stop laughing.

Jerome practically

fell out of his seat.

Even Mr. Miller lost it.

Now everybody’s always aking me,

“How are things in Tassalooma?”

And Maria the comedian said,

“Let’s rent a room

in Tassalooma.”

And if I could go to Tassalooma-

which is nowhere

on anybody’s map-

I’d never



-Alice Schertle

Well, even though this exact thing didn't happened to me, I've had similar experinces.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Life is funny that way.

We come down to life and are born to parents who may or may not know what they are doing. For some of them they have no idea what it is like to raise a child. It’s a lot of responsibility and work.

As infants we learn how to eat, how to walk and say a word or two. Not knowing what is going on in our world. There we were crying when mommy or daddy can’t be seen (even if they are just in the other room); always falling on our face because our chubby little legs and our diaper makes it awkward to move. Then there were our attempts of moving our mouth and having noise come out but never making any sense. We were so happy and proud of ourselves.

Then it is on to our toddler years. Were we seized every adventure that is laid before us. Fearless, we were as toddlers. Climbing any bookshelf or cupboard we could get away with. Learning what the word “no!” meant. Spilling and dropping anything we could get our little hands on. We would think of amusing little games: drop mom’s key, watch her pick them up, and then drop them just when she sat back down; then laughing at mom getting increasingly irritated until she wouldn’t give us back the keys. What little imps we were. We were Potty training and afraid of the dark, learning to say “no” to our moms or dads. Then we would constantly throw temper tantrums and sometimes getting what we wanted and sometimes getting ignored. By then life was getting more complicated.

Kindergarten age is when our personality was mostly developed. We loved to run, skip, and gallop. Climb trees, and talk in sentences. Some of us having lisp some us not know what it meant to talk quietly. We were becoming a little more independent, helping mom sweep the floor with a little broom she bought for us. Making friends, and sometimes no one else could see them but that didn’t matter because they were your friend and no one else could steal them from you. Mostly, our biggest stress was when mom tried to put us into bed. And we would run though out the house screaming while she is chasing us with our pajamas in hand (kind of like a Calvin and Hobbes comic). Parents instill good manners in to us. School was just a place were we went and played all day without mom and dad watching us. Play with play dough, blocks, had story time, learned out ABC’s and 123’s. Circle time and time out. When we would fall or smashed our finger in the door, we just knew Band-Aids were for every boo-boo, because they healed everything. Dressing ourselves and not caring if we matched or if our clothes were inside out. What mattered most is we did it all by ourselves.

By the time we were in grade school were we forgot about our imaginary friends (mostly), and started having more real friends. We start questioning if Santa was real or not, and knowing the tooth fairy was in fact real because she left some money under your pillow the night before. Happy that the song “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” actually applied to you. Starting to read chapter books and participating in Summer Reading at the local city library. Having homework and sometimes liking it but sometime hating it because it meant you might have to miss your favorite TV show. We had report cards, and receiving and an “E” for excellent, “S” for satisfactory, or an “N” for needs to improve, and “U” for unsatisfactory. Monkey bars and parks were our delight. Ice cream and candy were all we wanted to live on but mom and dad wouldn’t let us. Swimming lessons, tee-ball, soccer, and extra fun summer activities we got to look forward to. More responsibility we had when we were baptized and excited about it. Still whinny, but we knew when to stop when mom gave “the look”. Barbie and GI-Joe were our favorite toys.

In middle school most of us put away those silly toys and started playing video games and reading magazines. We hated school and especially homework. Some of us had lockers and that was cool. Friends you had in grade school were no longer your friend, because things…well, they changed. Some of us were popular, and others were over looked. Everyone trying to find out who they were and how they wanted express that. Our major stress mostly was whether or not we were accepted. Sometimes to fit in we would start to rebel against our parents. That is probably about the time we found out that being grounded wasn’t fun. Some of us were on the honor role and others were in detention.

High school is where we started to get our first jobs, date, drive, and became more and more independent. Our parents didn’t understand what it was like to be in high school at that time. Pressure on looking forward to our future was put on us. Students were taking A.P. classes and seminary. Skipping classes, drama was running ramped through the halls, and crushes here and there. People would go around having boyfriends and girlfriends; breakup and makeup and then breakup again. Fashion was starting to become more important to some and other could’ve cared less. Still trying to fit in was important to some and others were comfortable being themselves. Making friendship and knowing they would last, then when graduating realizing life wouldn’t allow it. Say good-bye to those who were with you though all of your hard times, and growing up together. There were parents who still loved you no matter how rebellious you might have been. Teachers who helped you realize you could do the assignments if you just applied yourself.

After high school you had to let go of some of your friendships, moved out and live on your own. Some went to college and some didn’t. Some served missions and others got married and already have two kids and one on the way. Pressure of what you are going to do with the rest of your life come from all angles. Church Callings, work, bills, school, social life or lack there of. All of it seems overwhelming. We are expected to take what we learned from our parents, leaders, mentors, teachers and friends and apply it to our life. Everyone has a purpose and were are suppose to know what that is and do it. And yet at the same time remain balanced and in control of things. While we are doing this we are also expected to lift and help those along the way. Help build the Kingdom of God and stand tall in the eyes of the Lord. How can we do this?

Well, I don’t know all the answers and I don’t know if you were taught this while you were growing up or not, and really that doesn’t matter because I am telling you now. If you love the Lord with all of your heart, mind and soul you will find it easy to follow His commandments. You won’t have to question his motives for giving a certain commandment you would just be able to trust in Him. And if you are doing His will you’ll find that you are already serving others and helping the people around you in ways you might not being aware of at this time.

All I can say is that everything we went through in our lives, whether is was good or bad experiences there was something that you were supposed have to learned that might help you now or in your life in the future. If we are all striving to do what is right, all the other things that we have yet to endure and learn won’t be as bad. Yes, we will still have to be tested and pulled out of our comfort zone but that is just so we can be there for others; and so we as individuals can be proud of whom we are becoming. We are not alone and that in it’s self is a comforting thing. Remember everything has its purpose and in time we will see and understand what that purpose is.

I guess that’s all I really have to say. These are just my thoughts. Until next time, keep your chin up.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

What Was I Thinking?!

Why is it that when things seem to be going great for me I have to go mess them up? Why do I analyze things that shouldn’t or doesn’t need analyzing to begin with? I am always reading into things. Even when I make an effort to not do this I catch myself doing it anyway. I hate this curse! I never seem to get piece of mind about things. How can I stop? I feel I am going crazy. Oh well.

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Well my fellow blog people, I am going to be going home Sunday. My little sister is coming tomorrow and me and my roommates are throwing her a bridal shower on Saturday. I have the best roommates ever.
I am super excited to seem my sis. I love her a whole lot. Then it is off to NM. I am excited to see my mom and dad. They are so great. I love my family.
Two weeks though, I hope I come back in one piece. I will post when I get a chance, if I get a chance. Until then I hope you all have a wonderful 4th on July.